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ff_worship's Journal

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The LiveJournal version of the more-or-less dormant Yahoo! Group, originally created by bokoluna, that we had so much fun with years ago. We were originally supposed to talk about Final Fantasy and the like, but as time went on our conversations digressed. ...but if we were to talk about Final Fantasy, we'd probably be focused more on FFVII than any other title.

OOC conversation, role-playing (claim your character early; Cloud, Cid, and Aerith are taken), and list-born fanfiction (á la the infamous listfic) are welcome. If you'd like to post original fanfic or fanart, please lj-cut it.

You're welcome to join regardless of any prior affiliation with our mailing list. Unless you were on the list before and nobody liked you because you were a fucking dickface.

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In loving memory of evilrachie... we'll miss you.

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